Inkfarm's cartridge deals

As far as I’m concerned, online shopping is the smartest way to buy ink. Not only can you get your ink rather quickly and shipped for free, you can often find remanufactured cartridges sold a dollar or two below typical OEM prices. What’s more when you buy these types of cartridges, you can often find coupons online to increase your savings.


Take Inkfarm, for example, which is one of my favorite online ink stores. At this store, when I buy the HP 901 ink cartridges, I can get them for just $14.84. However, this cartridge only yields 200 pages, which is not enough for me. Fortunately, they offer a higher, 700-page yield cartridge for only 5 dollars more. This particular cartridge is not one I can find often at other stores. This too, is a remanufactured cartridge, meaning that I can save 7% on the purchase due to the fact that there is a coupon available from inkfarm.

I happen to use HP cartridges, but this store carries printer ink for pretty much all the major printer manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if you use Epson, Brother, Lexmark, or Canon. You’ll have no problem finding the ink you need, and most likely be able to find a¬†great bargain on remanufactured ink, as I have.