Great ways to use Gotomeeting and Gamefly


By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about the great web conferencing tool, Gotomeeting. For many years now, it’s been the most popular web conferencing software on the Internet. One of the things that makes Gotomeeting so appealing is the fact that it is easy to set up, and even easier to use. By signing up with Gotomeeting, you can be running a web meeting in a matter of minutes.

The most common way to use Gotomeeting is for online business meetings and conferences. If you want to use Gotomeeting for this purpose, you will find that there are many tools available to ensure that your meeting is successful. I especially like the fact that I am able to record meetings, as this makes it possible to share the content of the meeting with many individuals who were not available to attend.

But an even better use for Gotomeeting in my opinion is for training. There are often cases where you need to demonstrate something on your computer with someone who may be at a different location. Using Gotomeeting is a great way to deal with such logistic issues. One great thing is that you can change presenters during a meeting. This feature can prove especially useful when you are running a training session, as it allows those who are being trained to try things they have learned while the trainer is watching.

There are also less obvious uses for Gotomeeting, such as using it for reunions between family and friends. Many times, we assume that a business tool should be used exclusively for business purposes. However, I have used Gotomeeting on a number of occasions to interact casually with friends and acquaintances, and have found that it is a great program to use for social meetings, not just business ones.

Another great online service is Gamefly. (Get a Free Trial Offer for Gamefly here.) I use this service all the time to rent video games online. You may wonder why anyone would do such a thing, but the reason is quite simple. First, you save money when compared to buying new games that you want to play. This is because you only pay a monthly fee for the ability to rent as many games as you want each month.

gamerThe second reason is that with Gamefly, you can play a greater variety of games. The current Gamefly library consists of eight thousand titles, with new titles being added on a consistent basis. Therefore, you'll never run out of games to fly.

For both Gamefly and Gotomeeting, the best way to determine whether or not you want to shell out real money for the service is by first trying them out using a free trial. Fortunately, for both services, 1-month free trials are currently available risk-free.

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