Getting help with dating: How far should you go?

In the past, I wrote an article about how it's important to cast a wide net if you want good results with online dating. Today, I'd like to branch off into a different topic and talk about what methods you could use to maximize your chances on having success.

online dating tipsAs the old saying goes, knowledge is power. So in order to have success with online dating, it's important to educate yourself. It goes without saying that reading books about online dating is a good first step. You can find such books on Amazon but don't overlook online sources of information either. Many good advice about online dating is available through ebooks and other online courses.

Next, it's helpful to understand how the opposite sex thinks. Once again, books and videos are your friend, but some of the understanding comes from interactions. Pay close attention to how people react to what you say or do, and you will get far. It's surprising how many people don't pay attention and just have a "my way or the high way approach." If you want to learn, you must keep an open mind. What's more, it helps to open multiple online dating accounts and read profiles to get a feel for what people want. A good way to do this is to use a free trial from and open up a free account. It costs nothing to view profiles and conduct searches on most dating sites, including the most famous ones like If you don't want to join a site that will ultimately cost you some money in the form of memberships, a free dating site like okcupid is another option to consider.

In recent year, there has also emerged a rather unsavory trend for some people to try to learn pick-up skills. They call themselves pick-up artists and there are plenty of books, videos, and courses for these people. The focus seems to be on massaging one's ego by picking up pretty women and such material will not ultimately get you what you want, since all your interactions will be artificial and for this reason, superficial and meaningless. If you want to pretend to be someone you're not and use a bunch of pre-canned lines to try to pick up women, then it might work for you, however.