About Us

What is Subs-Search.com? It is a website that has been online since 2004. In the beginning, Subs-Search.com was a subtitle search engine. Since those days, the Internet has changed a lot, and today, Subs-Search.com is an educational site that strives to provide consumers with tips and tricks on the following subject matters:

  • Online Shopping
    Studies show that in the near future, online shopping may overtake traditional shopping. But many people, especially older people, are surprisingly in the dark about how to shop smart on the Internet. For this reason, our site will focus a lot on different ways to save money and become a more wise online shopper.

  • Reviews of Products and Services
    There are new products and services that become available online on an almost daily basis. But who has time to test and review all of them? That's where we come in. Subs-Search.com will use researchers and professional writers to do comprehensive reviews of a wide range of products.

  • Ecommerce News
    The world changes at a rapid pace these days. The problem, however, there is a lot of noise out there and junky news articles that don't say much. We bring you highly useful news stories that you can use, and tell you exactly why the news we share matters to you.